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Over the course of two and a half years I have joined up with over thirteen adult dating sites and have now narrowed the best ones down to six which I use frequently. I started using these dating services as a means of finding like minded women who did not want to get into a relationship.

My reason being I had just got out of a bad marriage and was not and still am not looking to get involved with another woman. I love the fact that I can go online and find someone to meet up with for sex and not have to wine and dine and get to know them before we end up having sex.

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There are some terrible adult dating websites out there and I have joined a few of them in the past, luckily nowadays I have more than enough email addresses and phone numbers to get laid every night if I so wished after finding the right dating sites to use.

But I still go online and sign in to my preferred adult personals sites and look for new women to meet, it’s only natural to want to meet up for sex with new people I have not met before. These sites allow me to do that whenever I wish.

Another great thing about joining an x rated dating site is the women who are willing to chat to you on webcam, I have had some great evenings in just chatting to girls who are usually half naked and are in a teasing mood usually fuelled by alcohol which loosens their inhibitions.

This more often than not turns into us meeting up for sex unless the woman in question happens to live in a different country in which case I draw the line on how far I’m willing to travel to get laid. When I first started dating women on these sites I would only ever travel up to thirty miles away, now I tend to travel up to a hundred miles if needed, but I think leaving the country to have sex with a stranger is where my commitment ends.

Anyway the six adult dating sites I highly recommend are SocialSex, this is a fantastic site to find fuck buddies, the second one would be SexSearch who happen to be a sister site to xxxmatch and again a very good site for getting laid, the third is UpForIt where every fetish in the world seems to go on here, the fourth would have to be Xpress which is quite a new adult dating site but already has a huge following, the fifth is XXXBlackbook which has a huge UK database for people living in the UK, and last of all is Shagaholic which again has a vast UK membership and caters to all genders and fetishes.

All of the sites I have mentioned above will get you laid but only if you approach them as you would a normal dating site, if you are arrogant or aggressive towards other members you will not get laid and you will probably be kicked of the site. Respect other members and always be polite this way you will find many willing fuck buddies to meet up with for sex.

There are con men lurking on every dating site in the world adult dating included, so be wary of everyone at first and use your commonsense. Don’t ever send other members money if they ask for it, this will always be a con.



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