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Free Desktop Strippers Models For All Computers

Desktop Strippers

Desktop strippers is a software which you download onto your computer to see women dancing and stripping over the top of your desktop. You can use this adult service for free but you are limited to how many women you get and how far they will strip for you.

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To get the full version of desktop strippers you will need to pay a small fee. But it’s well worth the price if you want to see naked women playing with each other and pole dancing on your screen, this is ideal if you can’t get laid. This software is great to share with your mates, they will be really jealous and want to know where you got it from, but don’t let your mum use your computer otherwise you may be in trouble.

You can switch the software on and off very easily, there is an icon on the bottom right of your screen, when its red it means the software is on, and when it’s black it’s switched off. You can instantly turn it off if someone walks into the room and you don’t want them to see it.

I would imagine desktop strippers would appeal to the younger crowd such as students and layabouts, although it will appeal to all perverts really. I like it and use it at parties or down my local pub I will switch it on and everyone tends to take a quick peek.

There are three versions available, single strippers/pole dancers, lesbian strippers and male strippers for the ladies. This keeps both female and males happy. And when I say a small fee to get different strippers I mean a very small fee indeed, around two to three dollars.

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Just check to see if you have the software switched on before you close your computer down, because when someone switches it back on the strippers will pop up straight away if they have not been turned off before shut down, and this could easily offend your girlfriend or mum if they decide to go online without you knowing.

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Hey if you like the software above your going to love this webcam modeling site, its relatively new but it is way better than most of the crap cam sites out there. For a start you never need to pay to sign up, you get to watch couples as well as just women. The women on here are permitted to get fully naked and play with themselfs in free chat.

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And you can even broadcast yourself to the world and get paid for it if you wanted to. There are a lot of good looking couple’s on here having sex for all to see, but there are also some really ugly people here as well so you might want to avoid them. If your into transvestites or gay’s they also have these models as well.

My favourite is the female models and the couples.



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