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UpForIt Reviewed


UpForIt The Adult Dating Site

The adult dating site upforit is based in the USA but has a huge worldwide membership. I live in London UK and have found quite a few fuck buddies from joining this website, I actually met up for sex with four women in the first month of joining this dating site and seem to find new local members all the time. The site itself is very easy to navigate and pretty much clean of ads unlike a lot of sites I’ve joined in the past.

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There instant messaging and webcam to webcam service is very easy to use and quite an enjoyable experience, I’ve had a few evenings when I have just chatted to some half naked woman for an hour or so through their cam to cam software. I also enjoy viewing the member’s homemade videos and pictures that they upload, you will find most of these will be XXX rated material.

Once you become a paid member you will have access to the whole site and you will be able to email as many members as you wish to hopefully get laid tonight, I would recommend you use a good profile picture and your bio should have a lot of thought put into it. These are the two things other members will first see about you and if you’re photo is not clear or you’re bio is written half heartedly you will not do yourself any favours.

Upforit seems to be one of the better sites when it comes to fake profilers, there doesn’t seem to be as many on this adult dating site as there are with a lot of the top ones, but with that said you will surely come across one at some point everyone does, and when you do don’t be conned into sending money to anyone who needs travelling money to come and see you, these are all cons so be warned.

The staff on this adult dating site are very friendly and helpful, I had a problem signing in one day and I received a reply to the email I sent them within minutes and they walked me step by step through the process of correcting the problem. Bearing in mind the time difference I was pretty impressed with their response.

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Upforit as an adult dating site has to be one of the best new comers in this niche and are doing an excellent job and I can highly recommend this site to anyone who wishes to get laid tonight with a new fuck buddy. If its sex with strangers you’re seeking then look no further as this site has got you covered.



SexSearch Reviewed


SexSearch The Adult Dating Website


Sexsearch was the very first adult dating site that I joined over two years ago now and I can remember thinking this isn’t going to work, but luckily for me I was wrong. The very first day I joined I started looking for sex partners through their huge database of women and after finding several ladies who I liked the look of I then went on to email them all. Four hours later I had received three replies which I then went on to chat to each of them via sexsearch’s own webcam to webcam software.

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That very same evening I met up with a woman named Julie who happened to only live eight miles away from me. We met at a pub and then went back to my place and had sex, the feeling of meeting a total stranger for sex was a completely new experience for me, I usually have to wine and dine a woman for at least a couple of dates before we end up in bed. Needless to say from that very first meeting I was hooked on adult dating sites and proceeded to join several more.

But I found that not all adult dating sites are equal, some were just complete cons while others just did not have enough members in my area. Luckily sexsearch provided enough women in my area to keep me going for years plus new members are joining every day.

Sexsearch provides its members with one on one webcam chatting, instant messaging and unlimited emailing to other members. They also have a photo and video gallery where members can upload their home made photos and videos which tend to be very explicit indeed.

I think the site is based in the USA but I can assure people living anywhere else in the world that there are more than enough worldwide members to keep everyone happy. I live in the UK and I found several ladies in my first hour of searching who lived less than ten miles away from me, I have since travelled up to a hundred miles away just to get laid but being a long distance lorry driver a hundred miles is nothing for me and I will gladly do it if it means I get laid at the end of it.

As with any dating site adult or mainstream you will find a lot of fake profiles and complete con men posing as women but you will soon learn to recognize these, basically if a member gets in touch with you and she looks like she just stepped of the catwalk then I suggest you ignore them or report them to the sites admin. Women’s profile photos that look like supermodels are generally the ones to ignore as they are usually men pretending to be women in third world countries who need money from you to pay for an air plane ticket to come and visit you, don’t fool for this scam it happens all the time on every dating site online.

Sexsearch do their best to delete these accounts when they find them but they need your help as well, so whenever you come across these scammers report them to sexsearch and they will take the appropriate action. Most members are genuine so don’t get to worried about this happening all the time because it doesn’t

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So is sexsearch worth joining and the answer is YES it is well worth joining. If you’re looking for sex partners in your local area you will find them and you will have sex with them. There are millions of worldwide members all looking to get laid tonight on this dating website so I highly recommend joining up and finding out for yourself, it really is the only way of finding out if these kind of sites work, you can’t just take my word for it because you don’t know me so your best option is to just give them a try. They offer a full refund if you can’t get laid after joining them so you have nothing to lose and a lot of sex to gain.